Sterling silver airplane keychain F-22 Raptor

82,83 €


Perfect gift for those who love aviation. Made of solid sterling silver will keep its value for the future. It can be personalized at no cost, engraving the registration or name at the bottom of the wing. This article is designed and manufactured by our team. We are aviators and pilots who love their work and hobby.

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F 22 Raptor certainly is the most modern and efficient fighter aircraft on this planet. It replaced the F15 Eagle, surpassing it at all and becoming the defender and guardian of the United States sky. F22 Raptor incorporates the main features of invisibility to radar and constant super cruise speed without using afterburner. F22 Raptor's radar is able to detect and attack multiple targets simultaneously a great distance. Carries all the weapons in hidden internal compartments, which increases its invisibility feature against the enemy radar. The first flight of an F22 Raptor was held in 1990 and for two decades no aircraft could match it. Today Russia and China are developing similar to Raptor aircrafts.

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