Sterling silver airplane keychain MIG-21

79,81 €


Perfect gift for those who love aviation. Made of solid sterling silver will keep its value for the future. It can be personalized at no cost, engraving the registration or name at the bottom of the wing. This article is designed and manufactured by our team. We are aviators and pilots who love their work and hobby.

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Mig 21 .... The supersonic fighter Mig 21 was etched into the collective memory of those we lived in the period of the "Cold War" as the more graphic representation of Soviet air power. Its first flight was in 1956 and give the Soviet Union a massive capacity of flight at Mach 2. The Mig 21 aircraft is a reliable, simple and easy maintenance designed from which 15,000 units were produced. More than any other modern supersonic fighter. These qualities made the Mig 21 great export product. Its maximum speed of 2,230 kilometers per hour and the ability to carry bombs, missiles and rockets, caused many air forces of small countries to have a respectable offensive capability. During the Vietnam War the Mig 21 claimed as victims many US warplanes.

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