Sterling silver airplane keychain A-10 THUNDERBOLT (WARTHOG)

78,79 €


Perfect gift for those who love aviation. Made of solid sterling silver will keep its value for the future. It can be personalized at no cost, engraving the registration or name at the bottom of the wing. This article is designed and manufactured by our team. We are aviators and pilots who love their work and hobby.

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Fairchild A10 Thunderbolt, the terror of enemy armored vehicles. This airplane is specifically designed to destroy tanks, due to its special weapons, composed of a multi-tube rotary cannon GAU 8 7 tubes of 30 mm caliber, and its air-ground Maverick missiles. Its great maneuverability at low speeds allows the A10 Thunderbolt to patrol and maneuver like a bird of prey over their targets on land. To this must be added a fuselage and overall structure that can better support antiaircraft fire by being shielded. The A10 Thunderbolt proved its lethal destructiveness in the Gulf War annihilating the columns of Iraqi tanks.

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